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Focuser Pottery

Focuser Pottery Best Wide V Tip Clay Carving Tool FP06

Focuser Pottery Best Wide V Tip Clay Carving Tool FP06

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Looking for an easy-to-use ceramic trimming tool to add to your toolkit?

We have exactly the trimming tools you need.

Let you easily achieve the results you want.

Product Information

  • Blade:Stainless-steel , always sharp.
  • Handle: CHACATE PRETO Wood ,handcrafted the grain may different each handle.
  • Measure: 1.2 cm x 1.2 cm x 12.7 cm

               pottery trimming tools


          • High-performance pottery wheel trimming
          • Shave off thin ribbons
          • Multi-purpose knife for a wide range of clay.
          • Great for carving, shaving, sculpting and scraping.
          • This range of tools comes with free spare blades.



            • The cutter head material is strong and wear-resistant, and will not easily deform after long-term use.
            • The wooden handle has a smooth surface and a curved end to fit your palm, making it more comfortable to use.



            • Use all safety precautions
            • Keep out of the reach of children

                  pottery trimming tools



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            Customer Reviews

            Based on 31 reviews
            Jennifer Kimbrell
            great carving, bulky handle

            the carving blade is great and does the job well. The handle is bulky and hard to hold.

            Carving tiny cowboy boots.

            Review from:

            Tiny cowboy boots. Each come with match striking sticker at the bottom and an incense holder insert.

            I cannot wait to share this new full collection

            Review from:

            This new collection is about expression and fun. At one point in my life I felt so lost that all I wanted was to just be happy.

            It took me a while to figure out the simple answer to my problem, it was expression and fun.

            Children naturally are joyful when they are playing and using their imagination.

            Somehow it became normal that once we hit a certain age, we stopped doing those things. I thought being a mother meant I couldn’t imagine and play anymore because I had serious business to handle.

            Lately I’ve been dancing, singing, and even using my imagination to goof off with my children. It sparked something in me as I saw my children’s faces lit up.

            The most simplest thing woke something up in my soul that had been asleep for quite some time.

            I cannot wait to share this new full collection.

            Tool made by @focuserpottery

            #potterylove #ceramicarts #clayart #ceramicsculpture #potterygram #contemporaryartist

            Very beautifully handcrafted

            Review from:

            Thank you @focuserpottery for sending me this tool. I can’t wait to used it, very beautifully handcrafted.

            #asmr #potterytools #potterylove #ceramicsculpture

            The tool is very good

            Review from:

            New carving tools from @focuserpottery for a new mug carving project. Check it out and come back to see it finished. #pottery #potterywheel #potterywheelthrowing #potterystudio #wheelthrownpottery #throwingonthewheel #potterswheel #eltorno #laceramica #ceramics #wheelthrownart #quality #practice #practicepracticepractice #lapracticahacealmaestro #love #art #pottersofinstagram #instaart #michiganartist #clay #arcilla #potterylove #potterylife #handmade #madewithlove #howiamaco #amaco #kentuckymudworksglazes