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Focuser Pottery

E03 Waves Clay Extruder

E03 Waves Clay Extruder

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Clay Extruder slices through a slab.

This pottery tool is perfect for creating ceramic handles and feet!


Product Information:

  • Blade:Stainless-steel , always sharp.
  • Handle: CHACATE PRETO Wood ,handcrafted the grain may different each handle.
  • Measure: 1.2 cm x 1.2 cm x 11.5 cm




  • Make feet for slab-built pieces
  • Angled, stainless-steel blade leaves clean edges and pulls through clay effortlessly
  • Adjustable-depth ski controls the thickness of the cut
  • The thumb screw allows for easy ski adjustment
  • Consistent shape and adjustable thickness



  • The cutter head material is strong and wear-resistant, and will not easily deform after long-term use.


The wooden handle has a smooth surface and a curved end to fit your palm, making it more comfortable to use.


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Customer Reviews

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Tigersmoon Design11
Fast, smooth, and a serious time-saver!

Review from:

**Tool Review: Focuser Cutting Tool** Read Below to dive into the details!

Curious about the game-changer I recently added to my toolkit? This Focuser Cutting Tool deserves the spotlight. The clean-cutting blade and adjustable depth make crafting handles a breeze—no pulling or extruding required. Fast, smooth, and a serious time-saver!

#PotteryTools #FocuserPottery #FocuserCarving #toolreview #TigersmoonPottery

Tigersmoon Design10
sharp edge that effortlessly allows you to shape handles in seconds!

Review from:

New Tool Alert!

Hello, my lovely pottery enthusiasts!

I'm thrilled to introduce you to this fantastic new tool from @focaserpottery. If you dislike making handles this may be a game-changer with its fine wooden handle and a sharp edge that effortlessly allows you to shape handles in seconds!

Get ready to take your pottery creations to the next level. This tool is a true gem for artists like us. Stay tuned for some hands-on action with it!

#potterytools #newaddition #toolreview #FocuserPottery #TigersmoonPottery #creativetools #potterymagic

Tigersmoon Design 8
This is the ambassador of our brand

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Small Batch Potter
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